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Cabinet endorses Lancashire 2050 framework

A strategic framework which will guide how Lancashire's councils will work more closely together has been endorsed by county council cabinet members

The Lancashire 2050 Framework, which was unveiled at a ceremony in the Palace of Westminster last week, provides a shared vision, goals and priorities to help every resident live their best life. 

Members of the cabinet today endorsed the framework, which will be used to further develop detailed priorities with partners and stakeholders across the whole of Lancashire.

They also agreed that the leader of the council, Cllr Phillippa Williamson, should continue to work with other Lancashire leaders in the development of Lancashire 2050.

All 15 council leaders who make up Lancashire have contributed to the plan, which will guide the future development of the county in eight key priority areas. 

The areas where the leaders believe they can work together most effectively are:


Economic prosperity

Transport and infrastructure

Environment and climate


Early years and education

Employment and skills

Health and wellbeing

Communities and place


The plan sits above the ground-breaking work already undertaken on developing a County Deal for Lancashire, where political leaders have made the case to government for more powers and resources with a collective voice.

Lancashire 2050 is a long-term plan which is not dependent on local government reorganisation. 

Cllr Phillippa Williamson, leader of Lancashire County Council and chair of Lancashire leader's group, said: "This is an important step for the county council and shows the cabinet's support for the development of the Lancashire 2050 Framework.

"Lancashire 2050 will enable the county to move forward together with a collective voice to make the case for more powers and investment for the whole of Lancashire, and to strengthen local collaborative decision making.

"By setting out shared priorities and ambitions, Lancashire 2050 will help Lancashire authorities prepare for and respond to opportunities that will help them achieve their shared ambitions and goals.

"Once adopted, Lancashire's overarching strategic plan will be forward looking and take a long-term view, setting the vision and ambition over a 20-30 year period."

 To view a copy of the framework visit www.Lancashire2050.co.uk 


Notes to editors

Councils across Lancashire are due to endorse the Lancashire 2050 Framework at a series of meetings over the next three months