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Cabinet to consider fresh vision for libraries and museums

New plans to ensure Lancashire's libraries and museums maintain their central role in the cultural life of the county are to be considered by councillors.

The Library and Museum Strategies 2022-25 set out a vision for how these vital services will evolve over the coming years to inspire learning, keep people healthy and connected, and preserve the county's diverse heritage.

Councillors are to be asked to approve two distinct strategies for libraries and museums at the county council's next cabinet meeting on Thursday 3 February.

The strategies outline a brief history of Lancashire's libraries and museums, and how the services plan to support the council's corporate priorities of delivering better services, protecting our environment, supporting economic growth, and caring for the vulnerable.

They also outline how the services will respond to the latest national guidance. For libraries, there is a focus on making the most of the deep connections which libraries have with their local communities to not only provide a point of access for cultural activity but support people with the information and skills they need throughout their life. A key aim for museums is to support innovation and creativity, and be ambitious in continually improving the quality of the experience they offer to visitors.

County Councillor Peter Buckley, cabinet member for community and cultural services, said:

"We're proud to have such wonderful libraries and museums which are a huge asset to everyone who lives in Lancashire, and play a vital role in preserving our diverse heritage and culture, and presenting our story to visitors from around the world.

"They also play a valuable part in supporting many of the county council's core priorities, whether through providing an inspiring environment which fosters a child's early love of reading, helping older people learn new skills online, or interpreting our history in new and engaging ways.

"Our libraries and museums are continually evolving to ensure they continue to make a real difference to people's lives, and these strategies provide the direction for the work of our talented and dedicated librarians, curators, and conservators over the coming years."