Angie Ridgwell

Chief Executive set to leave council

Lancashire County Council has announced that Chief Executive Angie Ridgwell is set to take up a new role with Hertfordshire County Council.

Angie has worked at Lancashire County Council since 2018 and made significant contributions to the authority during that time.

She steered the authority through the well documented challenges during COVID-19 and has been instrumental in working with Cabinet and Senior Leaders in ensuring the authority is in a strong financial position relative to the sector as a whole.

A qualified accountant, she has worked in a wide range of public sector bodies and local authorities and brought a huge breadth of knowledge and experience to the role.

Angie said: "I have loved my time at Lancashire County Council and like to count myself as an honorary Lancastrian.

“During my six years at the authority I have worked with many talented people who have the interests of Lancashire’s residents and businesses firmly at heart.

“As the lead officer of a large organisation, I am very proud of everything we have achieved as a council during the past six years and the progress we have made.

"Together with our partners we have worked hard to cushion the effects of covid – which hit our county hard – strengthen our economy and build resilient services.

“Whoever replaces me will have the pleasure of working with some of the most committed and passionate people I have ever met."

The council will now begin the work to recruit a new chief executive and ensure a smooth transition during this period.


Notes to editors

The appointment is subject to approval by Full Council at Hertfordshire County Council due to take place on 25 June.