Tree planting at Hollins, Downham

Council reaffirms its commitment to tackle climate change

The importance of nature-based solutions and working with partner organisations to tackle the impacts of climate change have been supported by members of Lancashire County Council.

At a full council meeting today, members heard how the council has recently helped to restore 755 hectares of peatland as well as planted 150,000 trees on its estates over the past decade.

In a notice of motion, Councillor Tim Ashton said that it was crucial the council continued to progress with this work to help the authority to achieve its corporate priority of 'Protecting Our Environment'.

The motion also noted the council's role in playing it's part in meeting the Government's commitment to be net zero by 2050.

This authority resolved that the Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Councillor Shaun Turner, would:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive strategy for nature recovery for Lancashire.
  2. Continue to work with partner organisations to build on the excellent work to date and prepare large-scale tree planning and peatland restoration programmes in Lancashire.
  3. Invite the Scrutiny Management Board to consider including engagement in the development of the strategy in the scrutiny work programme

Councillor Turner said: "We've made really good progress with our commitment to protect Lancashire's environment and as an organisation it is one of our four key priorities.

"Earlier this month we showed how important we believe this area to be with the publication of our Environment and Climate Strategy, which sets out how we will spearhead vital work to make Lancashire an even greener county.

"Reducing greenhouse gases, ensuring infrastructure and services are resilient to climate change and habitats and biodiversity are conserved are all incredibly important.

"As a council we also know how crucial it is that we work with our partner organisations so that we can achieve these aims, as we cannot do it in isolation.

"We want to build on all the good work that has already been done and I'm really looking forward to the next achievements in this key area."

Councillor Phillippa Williamson, leader of Lancashire County Council, said: "A lot of good work has already been carried out to tackle climate change, but we will not be resting on our laurels.

"The Lancashire 2050 Framework, which we have endorsed as a council today, will see all of Lancashire's councils working together with the aim of the county becoming net zero for future generations.

"The partnership is very clear in its determination that Lancashire should be recognised as a place where low carbon businesses can invest and thrive, should be a place where people will be able to live a low carbon lifestyle and where we will have enhanced our natural environment. I believe that these resolutions will help us deliver on that."