Edward Stocks Massey-2

Educational and creative projects across Burnley to benefit from £47,000 of grants

At the next Lancashire County Council Cabinet meeting on Thursday (6 July), grants will be awarded from the Edward Stocks Massey Bequest Fund.

Established through the will of the late Edward Stocks Massey in 1910, the fund aims to further mental, physical, technical or artistic education and the advancements of science, learning, music or other arts for Burnley residents.

The fund awards between £40,000 and £50,000 each year to projects, individuals and organisations in the Burnley area. There are five categories of award for 2023/24:

  • Projects proposed by Lancashire County Council, £12,500:

(Burnley Music Centre £7,500; and Lancashire County Library Service – Burnley District, £5,000)

  • Projects proposed by Burnley Borough Council, £12,500:

(Burnley Schools Mental Wellbeing Project £6,500; Towneley Hall Museum Art Gallery and Museum £4,000; Wildflower Workshops and Surveys £2,000)

  • Burnley Mechanics Institute £4,000: Mechanics Theatre – HUG Burnley
  • Individuals and Voluntary Organisations, a total of £10,000:
  • Restore, Revive and Reinvigorate the Burnley Empire – bid for £18,884.56, allocated £1,000
  • Burnley Film Makers, bid for £500, to be granted £500
  • Burnley Orchestra bid for £1,200 and will be granted £1,200
  • Burnley Civic Trust requested £748 and will be allocated £800
  • Gawthorpe Textiles Collections, bid for £840, will be allocated £900
  • Mid Pennine Arts requested £1,900, will be allocated £1,000
  • Burnley Municipal Choir requested £3,000, will be given £2,000
  • NB (Individual) requested £1,200 will be granted a nil amount
  • Burnley Garrick Theatre Group requested £3,000, will be granted £2,000
  • St Peter's Young Singers bid for £500, will be allocated £600
  • University Scholarships for two students £8,000

County Councillor Peter Buckley, cabinet member for community and cultural services, said: "This wonderful fund was created 113 years ago to improve education and the arts in Burnley and it is still helping to make a difference with creative projects all these years later. These fantastic projects are really at the very heart of the community in Burnley and we try our best to ensure that as many of these deserving groups which apply are helped to flourish.

"Edward Stocks Massey, who was born in Brierfield, made his fortune as a partner in his brother's firm Massey’s Brewery, in Burnley. He left Burnley £135,000 in 1910, the equivalent of more than £20million in today's money, and it has continued to do incredible things for the community.

"The Fund is a great example of how much good can be done in the community with a relatively modest budget. From civic trusts to community groups, singers or mental wellbeing projects, these wouldn't be so successful without the hard work and time of the volunteers and those who so enthusiastically take part in these groups."