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Efforts continue to reopen Rossendale road blocked by rockfall

The safe reopening of a major road in Rossendale which has been partially closed by a rockfall remains a top priority for Lancashire County Council.

Temporary traffic lights have been in place on Bacup Road, at an area known locally as The Glen, since Sunday 16 July when there was a significant rockfall from a steep face above the road.

These traffic lights are required due to safety concerns. In addition to the large boulders blocking part of the road, the safety netting which protects the road from further rockfalls has been damaged, meaning traffic must be kept away from the rockface until repairs can be made.

However, Lancashire County Council is hopeful that it will be able to gain access to remove this debris, make temporary repairs to the netting, and reopen the road following upcoming safety checks. These checks need specialist rope access contractors which are in short supply, but the council has now secured the services of a company who are due to visit the site shortly.

County Councillor Scott Smith, lead member for highways and active travel, who represents Whitworth and Bacup, said: "As a local road user myself I completely understand residents' frustration with the continued presence of temporary lights on Bacup Road. I want to reassure residents that fully reopening the road remains our top priority, and we are working as quickly as possible to make that happen.

"The checks on the rockface, by specialist contractors, are due to take place shortly, and after this we should be able to make some temporary repairs to allow us to fully reopen the road. Some further work may be required in the coming months depending on the outcome of these checks, but our focus at the moment is to ensure the road is fully and safely reopened as soon as possible.

"In the meantime, I hope residents will understand that safety must be our priority, and I'm extremely grateful for people's patience through the current inconvenience."