Lancashire County Council stock image of bus seats

Funding of bus for Longton near Preston has been extended

Lancashire County Council is stepping in to extend funding of a bus service linking the villages of Longton and New Longton with Preston.

Service 12 has been subsidised by Longton Parish Council since 2016 but the funding needed to operate it has increased substantially in the past two years.

The parish council had decided they could not justify the increased cost to residents within their parish, raising the possibility that the service could stop running from 31 March.

However, following discussions with Longton Parish Council and Preston Bus which operates the service, Lancashire County Council has decided to fund it for a further six months while a wider assessment of the local bus network is carried out.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "We have a duty to consider how we use the funding we receive to provide people with the best access to public transport we can, and ensure that no sizeable population is left without any links.

"As Service 12 provides the only link between Longton and New Longton and then into Preston, and is used by people to access health, shopping and educational activities it meets the criteria for support by the county council.

"On this basis we will be funding the continued operation of Service 12 with it’s current timetable for at least six months while we consider longer term solutions for bus services in the area."