HM Queen Elizabeth II

Lancashire County Council pays tribute to the Queen as she marks 70 years on the throne

Lancashire County Council is paying tribute to Her Majesty The Queen, who celebrates 70 years on the throne this Sunday 6 February.

Celebrations will be taking place throughout 2022, with a focal point on the extended bank holiday, from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June. Communities are being encouraged to come together and celebrate this historic milestone with street parties and bonfire beacons throughout the UK.

County Councillor Cosima Towneley, Lancashire County Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Families, remembers the Silver Jubilee in 1977 as a child aged nine.

Cllr Towneley said: "It was terribly exciting as my father had recently been made Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire and there was a lot of activity as fund raising committees sprang into life with all sorts of events planned and, of course, a Royal visit.

"As the Queen's representative, my father met her Majesty at Lancaster and he remembers the drive to Preston, which was lined by Lancastrian well-wishers. I believe it was a stupendous welcome – it was thought a million people lined the route.

"My youngest sister and I were still at primary school so a lot of the bustle went over our heads, but it was the first major challenge of my father's tenure as Lord Lieutenant and there were constant comings and goings between our home and County Hall. Brian Hill was a name much mentioned."

Cllr Towneley still has several mementos from the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

One of her favourites, recently found tucked away in a draw, is a tabard and selection of badges used by participants of the Red Rose Relay, which saw numerous groups relaying down England from Lancaster to Windsor, where they were met by the Queen.

"It was an incredible undertaking organised by my mother and a raft of others," Cllr Towneley said.

"Canoeists, ramblers, runners, cyclists, riders, able and disabled groups joined to relay north to south passing through Duchy of Lancaster properties on their way.

"My brother and older sisters were all involved in one way or another and I remember being quite jealous as my younger sister and I were considered too young to join our mother and the riders. It was such an adventure.

"I wonder if there is anyone out there who remembers taking part. It would be wonderful to make contact and put together a memory of the event."

Cllr Towneley added: "The Queen has a very special relationship with Lancashire, one of her titles being Duke of Lancaster.

"I hope we will do her Platinum Jubilee year proud and duly honour the 70 years of duty and dedication Her Majesty has unstintingly given to the nation.

"I hope she enjoys her Platinum as much as she enjoyed her Silver Jubilee."

County Councillor Barrie Yates, Chairman of Lancashire County Council, has urged the people of Lancashire to celebrate the Queen's historic reign during the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday in June.

Cllr Yates said: "Her Majesty The Queen has dedicated her entire life to service. To spend 70 of those years as the monarch is truly remarkable and is a feat that I expect will never be repeated.

"The Queen is an inspiration to millions across the globe, and it is only right that we celebrate her momentous achievements this summer to show our appreciation."

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