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Lancashire to get £600,000 to increase its electric vehicle charge points

Lancashire is set to benefit from £600,000 to boost its number of electric vehicle charge points.

The move has come as part of a £56million investment for increasing electric vehicle (EV) charge points across the country that is expected to help see up to 2,400 extra EV charge points installed in the short term, and to help local councils deliver tens of thousands more in the long term.

The funding will expand three pilots already taking place across the country. It also helps sixteen local councils across England, including Lancashire, to support electric vehicle charge point rollout. This will deliver a more comprehensive and reliable network of charge points for drivers.

In Lancashire, the money will be used to trial solutions that will help people who do not have access to off-street parking, including testing charging points integrated into street lighting columns and pavement cable channels which have the potential to allow charging at home, hiding the cable under the pavement.  The results of the trial will help shape the council's long-term electric vehicle charging plans.

Although precise locations have not yet been identified, Lancashire County Council is considering future demand for charging infrastructure and identifying where different types of charging need are in Lancashire. 

Lancashire County Council will be working closely with district councils and partners to help identify suitable locations for the pilot over the next few months.

The council already installed 150 charging points across Lancashire to increase take-up of electric vehicles, reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Lancashire County Councillor Shaun Turner, cabinet member for environment and climate change, said: "We welcome the announcement of vital funding for the provision of Electric Vehicle charge points in Lancashire.

"This new funding will help provide more options and solutions to help increase the uptake of electric vehicles, reduce emissions and improve air quality and help us to maintain our wholehearted commitment to reducing carbon emissions across Lancashire through adopting creative solutions and new technology.

"This will enable us to look at practical solutions for the roll out of Electric Vehicle charging points across Lancashire, and I look forward to building on this in future as the transition to EVs continues.

"Climate change presents a huge challenge, and this forms part of our overall strategy to tackle this important issue and play our part in decarbonising the economy."