County Hall gates

Plans agreed to improve bus stops and tackle congestion in Preston

County Councillors have given the green light to proposals which aim to improve bus journeys and reduce congestion in the New Hall Lane area of Preston.

A report considered by the council's cabinet outlined the plans to introduce changes to existing bus stops on Tudor Avenue and Cairnsmore Avenue, off New Hall Lane (A59) to the east of the city centre, along with comments received during public consultation held late last year.

Proposals were agreed to extend the existing bus stop clearway at a stop on Tudor Avenue near the junction with New Hall Lane (A59), and to move the bus stop boarding point and bus stop pole 11 metres further towards the junction. It was also agreed to introduce no-waiting parking restrictions between the clearway and the junction, and on the opposite side of the road to the bus stop, along with a keep clear marking across the access to some nearby properties.

The report outlined that this stop is used by a number of school buses, as well as being used by the public service 100 as a terminus, which means vehicles often wait there for a short period before beginning their journey towards the city centre. The new measures aim to keep the junction free of parked cars to allow buses to manoeuvre more easily, and reduce congestion and conflict between vehicles turning into Tudor Avenue from New Hall Lane due to the limited road space available.

Proposals were also agreed to introduce a bus stop clearway at a stop on Cairnsmore Avenue near the junction with Tudor Avenue, along with no-waiting parking restrictions between the clearway and the junction. The stop is served by the 100 bus which runs every 15-20 minutes, with the clearway being needed to prevent vehicles parking next to the bus stop. Bus drivers are currently often not able to pull up to the stop due to parked cars, which makes it difficult for passengers to get on and off, and could prevent access altogether for anyone with a disability. The parking restrictions will allow buses to pull out straight ahead without having to manoeuvre past parked cars.

Phil Durnell, director of highways and transport, said: "We investigated the problems being encountered by buses, passengers, and other drivers in this area after they were raised by a local resident, and put forward a number of measures to improve the situation.

"We have slightly changed our initial plans following the consultation by removing the proposal for a bus shelter at the stop on Tudor Avenue, and are grateful to everyone who took the time to respond."