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Smoother journeys ahead with extra £5.1m for highways

A major new round of improvements to the county's roads has been agreed by Lancashire County Council's cabinet with a focus on fixing and preventing potholes.

The council received a further £5.1m for highways after the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced more money for UK roads in the Spring Budget.

A report to the council's cabinet this week outlined full details of how the extra funding will be invested, which brings the highways budget for the year to around £35m.

It includes £522k to prevent potholes on Lancashire's most important strategic routes which receive the most wear and tear from heavy goods vehicles. The surface dressing treatment will help to extend their life by sealing small cracks before they become potholes. £265k is also to be invested in applying the same type of treatment to a number of roads in West Lancashire.

More lengths of road will also be fully resurfaced with £255k being committed to replace worn out sections of A, B and C roads, and £530k to repair roundabouts.

An additional £2.5m has been set aside for a range of work to repair and prevent potholes, which includes mini resurfacing schemes for sections of road where potholes are repeatedly appearing, and 'find and fix' work to tackle emerging potholes on rural roads before they get too big.

A special £250k treatment is due to be applied to James Towers Way near Preston which opened in 2017. This 'varnish' is designed to protect new roads against the early stages of wear caused by weather and traffic, ensuring the best value for money from the original cost of construction.

A further £250k will be used to repair a vital retaining wall next to a reservoir in Chorley, and an extra £550k committed to replace aging streetlighting columns.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "This is a very busy time for our highways teams as we begin our annual programme of roads maintenance which can only be carried out during the warmer months.

"The extra funding we've received from government is extremely welcome and means we can carry out essential repairs this summer which would otherwise have to be put off for next year, and prevent potholes which would have had to be fixed in the meantime.

"The end of winter is always the worst time for our roads as the cold and wet weather is what causes most of the damage, however the huge programme of work which is now underway means we'll all be able to enjoy smoother journeys by the end of the summer."

Councillors also approved the addition of £795k of external funding to the highways budget related to the redevelopment of the Samlesbury Enterprise Zone, where recycled asphalt from the site will be used to resurface part of the A682 in Rossendale.

Notes to editors

Further details of the extra planned resurfacing work as follows:

In West Lancashire, full lengths of Hall Road, Pippin Street, Dam Wood Lane and Heatons Bridge Road to be surface dressed (£265k).

In South Ribble, surface dressing to be carried out on A6 London Way from the junction of Brownedge Road to Hennel Lane (£255,960), as well as on the A59 Liverpool Road from the junction of Station Road to Carr House Lane (£266,040).

In Preston, Goosnargh Lane (C356) to be fully resurfaced from the junction of Melrose Lane to Langley Lane.

In Rossendale, Broadway (C700) to be fully resurfaced from the junction of Helmshore Road to Lancaster Avenue (£56,401). Reconstruction/resurfacing of A682 Rawtensall Spur from Haslingden Road to the Lancashire county boundary on the A56 (£795k).

(Picture shows County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick).