County Councillor Charlie Edwards

Tech to catch drivers who run red lights proposed for two junctions

A report to Lancashire County Council's cabinet reveals that new technology to catch drivers who run red lights is being considered for two sites in Ormskirk.

The cameras could be installed at the Five Ways and Hayfield Road junctions on the A59 to improve safety following a number of serious collisions as a result of people running the lights.

The report to the council's cabinet meeting to be held on Thursday 3 February asks councillors to allow the award of a contract to the only Home Office-approved supplier of a camera system which uses radar technology. The other systems available rely on laying cables under the road, making them more disruptive to install and maintain.

The cameras also detect when a vehicle is speeding to deter people from accelerating through the junction on green before the lights turns to red.

County Councillor Charlie Edwards, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "In our role as part of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, we have worked with Lancashire Constabulary to identify these sites where lives could potentially be saved, and injuries prevented, by using cameras to deter drivers from running red lights.

"We've been looking at ways to improve safety at the Five Ways and Hayfield Road junctions for some time, and these cameras which can detect people speeding, as well as going through on red, would appear to offer a good solution.

"This is the first time we've looked at using this type of technology, but if successful we could could potentially roll it out to other places in Lancashire where there are similar problems.

"Digging up the Five Ways junction to install cables would be extremely disruptive, and something we would like to avoid, so I will be asking cabinet to allow officers to procure the only Home Office approved system which uses radar technology instead of cable detection loops."

The report also outlines that the speed limit on this section of the A59 has recently been reduced, and the speed enforcement element of the cameras would help to further improve road safety.

If the proposal is agreed by cabinet, officers will be able to include the cameras within ongoing plans to improve highways and transport in Ormskirk.