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Temporary lights needed on key Rossendale route following landslip

People are being warned to expect delays on the main road between Bacup and Waterfoot following a landslip.

It happened on Sunday night (16 July) on Bacup Road at an area known locally as The Glen, with metal safety netting designed to protect the road from debris being damaged by a significant rockfall from a steep face next to the road.

Lancashire County Council has put emergency safety measures in place to ensure the road can remain open, however part of the road where the landslip occurred is down to one lane, with temporary traffic lights in place.

The county council is seeking expert advice on the measures needed to reduce the risk of further landslips affecting the road, and it is not yet known for how long the temporary measures will be needed.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "I'd ask people to leave some extra time for their journeys in this area while the safety barriers and temporary lights are in place.

"The landslip was quite severe, and obviously ensuring everyone's safety has to be our main priority.

"We need to assess the rockface and consider options for keeping the road secure in the future, which we are already working on, with contractors expected to visit the site this week.

"We know that the lack of alternative routes mean that Bacup Road is particularly important, and we'll be working to get it fully reopened as soon as we reasonably can.

"We currently don’t know how long this will be, however the scale of the incident suggests it may take some time and effort to provide a solution. In the meantime, safety has to be our priority and I'm grateful for people's patience while we take these necessary steps to keep the road open."