Coronation parties can be eco-friendly

Top tips for making your Jubilee party eco-friendly

Are you planning on holding a street party to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III?

Lancashire County Council's Waste Services team have created some top tips for getting party ready – without creating any excess waste and making happy memories that tie in with King Charles' own green hopes for the future!

During the Bank Holiday weekend, running Saturday May 6 to Bank Holiday Monday, May 8, many Lancs residents will be looking at holding a private garden party or a full street party where the entire community can join in the fun.

Here are some of our top tops to reduce your party’s carbon footprint:

  • Make your own fabric bunting from old t-shirts, or bedspreads, as creating these can be fun! You can also make paper garlands, or honeycomb balls instead of ballons which are made of plastic and can be harmful to wildlife.
  • Hold a Red, White and Blue themed party, where you wear clothes or makeup in these colours, paint your nails or wear patriotic face paint! Or treat yourself to something new on these colours from a charity shop or online pre-loved sites such as Vinted or Depop. The joy of colour blocking your clothes is that you can wear a pretty, red shirt, for example, many times after the Coronation themed party as it can go into your regular wardrobe!
  • Ask guests to bring their own plate, Tupperware, cup, glass and cutlery – and keep food fresh in containers instead of using clingfilm.
  • Ask guests to bring different foods, and if you don't finish it, divvy out evenly for them to take home to freeze, ready for another day.
  • Make blue, red and white drinks or foods – as simple as strawberries and ice cream or scones with strawberry jam on a blue plate!
  • Use bedsheets or blue, white or red tea towels that you already own as easily washable tablecloths - but not fitted bedsheets!
  • Put your recycling bin somewhere where everyone can see and use it

Cat Holden, Principal Waste Management Officer at Lancashire County Council said: “There are so many ways that you can make your Coronation party fun for the whole family, while also keeping it green!

“King Charles is himself well-known for being very committed to reducing waste and helping to improve the natural environment and so it seems very in keeping to hold a party in a way that causes no harm to wildlife!

“In our own charity shops, you will be able to pick up bargains and you can make something really special, like your own bunting.

“You could invite your neighbours for a street party and all make a different type of cake or buns, plus serve cups of tea. If you wanted to give gifts, suggestions include seed packets or cuttings of your favourite plants for others to take home.”

To find out more about Lancashire County Council's Waste and Recycling services, go to Waste and recycling - Lancashire County Council