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New policy aims to support special schools to best meet the medical needs of pupils

A key document that aims to create consistent and fair guidance to enable special schools to best meet the medical needs of pupils has been approved by councillors.

The 'Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy' is based on updated Department for Education guidance about how to support pupils so they can thrive in their educational settings.

The Lancashire policy will ensure compliance with legislation and will enable all Lancashire Special Schools to confidently deliver provision to pupils with medical conditions, supported by a strengthened Special School Nursing Service offer through joint commissioning arrangements.

A Working Group, comprising special school representatives, Integrated Care Board (ICB) commissioners, Special School Nursing Services and County Council Officers has developed the policy, ensuring it is practical to apply and gives confidence to schools and practitioners in how they support pupils to access and enjoy school with their medical needs safely met.

Parents, carers, and young people were engaged and consulted through various forums and have had the opportunity to influence the development of the final policy.

On Thursday, 6 April, Lancashire County Council's cabinet agree the 'Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions in Special Schools Policy'.

Dave Carr, Director of Policy, Commissioning and Children's Health, Lancashire County Council, said: "This policy aims to provide clarity and support to special schools to ensure there is a consistent and fair approach to special school nursing that is based on the individual needs of a pupil.

"Putting the needs of the child front and centre is at the heart of this approach and this policy sets out how pupils can receive the right support, at the right time, in the right place."